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From Montreal, Canada, Nika is based in Berlin since 2008. Her work expresses her ongoing spiritual researches, endeavours and experiences through aesthetically challenging objects of lyrical essence.

Ralf grew up in the German countryside and has been living in Berlin for 12 years. In his paintings he is following a flexible, open-minded approach to create an own visual language.

Our favourite Studios

New York, United States
100 € per day
100 m²
Berlin, Germany
500 € per day
125 m²
Paris, France
150 € per day
160 m²
Berlin, Germany
24 € per day
95 m²

Artipoeus by Susie Kahlich

Artipoeus: art you can hear. Artipoeus is a bi-monthly podcast taking listeners on a journey through contemporary art in Europe, and around the world, connecting art to current events, the big questions and every day affairs through music, pop references and storytelling. Written & produced by screenwriter and art lover Susie Kahlich.

Latest Studios in New York

1234 € per day
74 m²
130 € per day
100 m²
20 € per day
55 m²
21 € per day
14 m²

Latest Studios in Berlin

20 € per day
75 m²
7 € per day
15 m²
50 € per day
76 m²
3 € per day
20 m²

Latest Studios Worldwide

Bangalore, India
100 € per day
83 m²
Brooklyn, United States
85 € per day
28 m²
London, United Kingdom
15 € per day
100 m²
Queens, United States
150 € per day
300 m²
Berlin, Germany
20 € per day
75 m²
Belgrade, Serbia
200 € per day
150 m²

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