Ralf Dereich

Studio Visits • Berlin, Germany

“It’s not that every empty room is a studio. You have to conquer it in a way—you have to make it yours.”

Ralf grew up in the German countryside and has been living in Berlin for 12 years. In his paintings he is following a flexible, open-minded approach to create an own visual language. Loving a free spirit, he is not only a painter but is also the Co-Founder of the artist bar CUSSLER and the online platform STUSU. For the past decade his studio is located in Neukölln. Berthold Pott Gallery in Cologne is representing Ralf since 2011.

Thank you, Ralf, for sharing this insight into your work and letting us explore your studio in Berlin. For more information about Ralf check out www.ralfdereich.com and follow Ralf on Instagram via @ralfdereich.

Film by: Lukas von Monkiewitsch

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