About me
Hi, I'm Shou (she/her). I'm originally from Japan and I've been living and working in Berlin since 2005. Here I'm active in the field of graphic design, visual and performing arts. ___ In 2011 I founded my own atelier-studio SHOXXXBOXXX in Berlin-Friedrichshain. This object was originally a washing machine workshop. After signing the lease, I worked hard with my friends to convert the rooms into a cosy studio flat. Under the name SHOXXXBOXXX, it developed into an important part of Friedrichshain’s urban art culture in the following years, thanks to the help and love of numerous companions. ___ At the end of 2017, the cosy studio flat grew into a studio community under my direction. Since then, the rooms have been used continuously by 4-5 fixed community members who are active in various fields such as design, visual arts, music, photography, science, etc.. ___ Once in every 2-3 months I / we organize a small public event in the atelier, such as exhibition, concert, etc. in order to connect with creative people from outside. For this occasion I ask the atelier members to empty their desks for 1-2 days. New ideas for events and your participation are very welcome :-)