Naomi Tagini

About me
From L.A., my lifelong dream of living in Italy became a reality in 2010. We love the Marche, great location, less touristy. Rome about 3.5 hours to the south, dolomiti 5 hours to the north. 30 minutes to the sea. Real estate shopping, quite the experience – one on offer - kitchen/dining area on ground floor, only bathroom 2 flights up. Step out onto the balcony to access (not with my vertigo). Then we noticed the train tracks. 31 properties later, gardens here were the clincher, over grown jungle, great potential. One night, cane swaying, walled village, tiny lights, appeared. Next day, clearing began, eventually exposing the most incredible panorama. Amazing light, rolling hills, ever changing. Mist often appears to be floating over Mt. Cat, reminiscent of a Chinese painting. When creativity just won’t flow, walk the property, soak up the views. Spend summer evenings, sipping Prosecco, under the cooling mist. Alluring Italy, eye candy at every corner. For me, she was love at first sight. La dolce vita. Why hesitate, Italy awaits. Villa Fiori, magical memories.