Cute artist atelier for rent (shared)
3 € per Day
Hi, I’m stefanomester. This is my studio.
Looking for studio space? Cute artist atelier for rent in 13055 Lichtenberg! 40m2 space. AVAILABLE Now! Both short or long term (long term preferred). FACTS Costs: ~55€/month There is Internet, water and electricity inside, toilet next door. Windows look at North-West, so there is direct sunlight coming in btw. 14-16h but the whole space is very light due to the huge windows. Grocery store 3 minutes, Turkish/Asian/Chilean food 2-5 minutes walk away, small lake 10 mins. HOW IT WORKS The Atelier is currently used by a collective of 10 artists (including you). We are doing music, video, lighting, puppet theatre, voice-acting and more. We do our own individual stuff and plan to do smaller events (film club, exhibition, music and theatre show for smaller society) together. We have different creative spaces you could use. Currently there are two desks to work on, one big table to draw or woodwork, some folding tables to use for whatever you want, a higher table with some stuff to DJ on it, a free space to rehearsal and a chill area with two couches. We are also using the space for small Partys sometimes. But as we are still at the beginning you could be part of creating the spaces and how it works. SUITABLE FOR Fine artists or designers who draw, paint (no oil, please!), rehearse or work behind a desk. Preferably also artists that do not require to store a lot of tools or materials, because the space would get too stuffed. Get in touch, if you are interested to join us or have further questions!
Studio Information
40 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
  • light sculpting
  • noisy work
  • painting
  • photo studio
  • ceramic studio
  • desk
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • hifi
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • water
  • wifi
  • window
  • lift
  • public transport
  • wheelchair access
  • entrance ramp