Desk sublet in friendly creative studio near the river in...
4 € per Day
Hi, I’m This is my studio.
I'm subletting my desk in a 4-person shared room which is part of a bigger art/ co-working space. The studio is a great little community of artists and creatives situated in a great area in Kreuzberg on the top floor of a geberwerhof. The desk is perfect for computer work or smaller scale messy work like painting, sculpting etc but keep in mind that there's not a huge amount of space to spread out in. I'm renting the desk officially from the beginning of Feb to the end of May but just get in touch if you would like to discuss a different time. :) *Note, the desk and shelf will be tidied much better than they are in the pictures
Studio Information
6 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
100 Days
  • light sculpting
  • painting
  • desk
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • water
  • wifi
  • lift
  • public transport
  • wheelchair access