Lyrica Studios

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About me
Lyrica is a place, a complex of spaces for creativity, art, life, and research. A response to the vital need for artists for a place for reflection, work, and visibility. It is distinguished by the motivation and enthusiasm of the artists and researchers who live in the building. As an independent initiative, it has been built out in stages, however, on June 23, 2016, the inaugural act of the construction of the workshops is considered as a foundation, in which poets, musicians, visual artists, scientists, and friends participated. The architecture went from being an old mechanic's workshop to a complex of extensive creative studios for artists in the center of Mexico City, seeking to strengthen the field of culture by implementing an alternative model for the future. The space reflects the enthusiasm for the production and dissemination of innovative work. The aim of the project is to strengthen the communication between art and society. The sustainable model allows strengthening the field of culture, generating a resource for artists to promote the use of the arts.