About me
exgirlfriend is a diverse group of artists, curators, gallerists, and writers spanning many social, cultural, and political positions. ----------------- Professional Artist Studios--------------- Direct access to a community of artists, gallerists, curators, patrons and critics. The studios are aimed towards the advancement of the artistic careers of the artists and include various professional tools to help in the development of their practice. Artists must apply to be accepted into studio rental program.-------------- Included: fully renovated studio space with natural/new daylight lighting system private entrance to studios with private locked door shared communal workspace with full kitchen and two bathrooms WIFI outdoor garden Located directly beside hundreds of retail stores and restaurants, as well as an art supply store within 5 minutes walking located two minutes from Ubahn and Sbahn stations------------------ adjacent to active contemporary gallery space direct access to gallery events, seminars, talks, and exhibitions exposure for your work to berlin artists, curators and gallerists Exgirlfriend can organise studio visits upon request with international artists including our curatorial board Potential for exhibition within the main gallery Promotion of your work though digital and print via our social media, exhibition and event press releases artists can host pop up exhibitions in space upon request and approval access to professional photo equipment and reduced price on professional photo documentation of artworks access to any communal tools available professional practices advising for artists upon request------------------- 300/month for private 13sqm space or 450/month for 17sqm space