De Liceiras 18 - Temporary Art Community
9 € per Day
Hi, I’m Deliceiras18. This is my studio.
We look for visual artists, designers, conceptual gardeners, experimental writers, sound hunters, improvisatory singers, performers, philosophers and (...); ones who are enthusiastic about spending a few months within an exchange based micro-art-community, learning, teaching, discussing and breaking any preconceptions; who are not afraid to erase barriers between private and public, to live and create in the same space; who are able to take inspiration from both possibilities and impossibilities, obstacles and miracles brought about by creating in such an informal, experimental, no-budget and anti-white-box space. // There are always around 6 artists in the house, in different phases of their own artistic careers, living as a creative horizontal community. // THE IDEA // The way you use your stay within our Temporary Art Community depends mostly on your current artistic needs and desires. So far it has served among others as a platform for spontaneous collaborations, learning new skills, exchanging feedback, experimental music sessions, reading groups, improvised performance, communal cooking etc. We are the backyard of the art world, a safe multidiscipline playground where you can test your ideas, ask questions, share your doubts. We transform, adapt and improve every month and we expect you to embrace this process. // This open structure leaves a lot of freedom and flexibility, but also requires an involved and responsible participation from all the residents. It is an ongoing attempt to find ways to solve problems collectively, communicate honestly and clearly. It is also a constant reinvention of structures to find the most efficient, pleasant, creative communal living environment. // SPACE // The DE LICEIRAS 18 is located in a very old, two-story house in Porto, Portugal which seems to organically adapt to the form of the city itself, consisting of no perpendicular lines, with floors sloping and sounds of human and seagull daily life entering through wooden old windows, creating in the interior a constant quasi-musical blend of noises. The house is situated in a very particular place; although right in the middle of the city, its entrance stays hidden in a tiny bystreet, overlooked by tourists and bustling with local life. The everyday reality of the bystreet is even more curious due to a very particular combination of the house’s neighbours, formed of an old shoemaker's workshop, a motorcycle club and a traditional bar. The second façade of the house faces a brothel. // Each participating artist receives their own simple habitable atelier. // THE HOUSE FACILITIES // ▸ four rectangular habitable ateliers of approx. 20 m² each ▸ 'The Triangle' habitable atelier of approx. 10 m² ▸ fully equipped little kitchen and dining room ▸ 2 bathrooms and one small toilet ▸ storage room ▸ wi-fi connection // We have a little garden in the Musas community gardens that you are also welcome to use as a studio or a venue for your project. // Our house, like the majority of houses in Portugal, does not have heating. Therefore it may get quite cold inside in winter. We usually deal with it just wearing very warm clothes indoors and carrying hot water bottles around, but on a special request we may arrange a heater. // IMPORTANT: All the resident artists are expected keep the house clean, participate in the house maintenance and, if necessary, repairs and house improvement works during their stay, and to take responsibility for the space and the equipment. // COSTS // The project has non-profit character and is artist-run and self-funded. Each participant will pay the monthly contribution of 255 euro, which includes the rent, electricity, gas, water, internet, toilet paper, eco-friendly cleaning detergents and clean sheets. You will need to cover your own trip to Porto, food and materials. In case you come as a couple / friends / collective and share the same room, or choose to stay in the small Triangle room, the cost per person is 190 euro. // There is no application fee. //
Studio Information
20 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
7 Days
  • heavy sculpting
  • light sculpting
  • noisy work
  • painting
  • bed
  • desk
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • shower
  • water
  • wifi
  • window
  • public transport