Apapacho | CDMX | PROArtes Mexico's Arts Residency
47 € per Day
Hi, I’m PROArtes México. This is my studio.
https://proartesmexico.com.mx/apapacho/ Apapacho: “to embrace or caress with the soul.” This is the way we Mexas define apapacho. Curiously, the Nahuatl root of the word apapacho -patzoa or papatzoa-, does not have such a meaning. The verb patzoa means “to squeeze,” “to squeeze between two that are very close together” or “to soften a fruit with the fingers.” The other Nahuatl root to which the origin of the word apapacho is attributed is pachoa, which, among other meanings, includes “hug.” We decided to take the process of metaphorizing the origin of the meaning of apapacho to name our Arts Residency project. For Mexicans apapacho is a gesture or attitude with which love, affection, tenderness, etc. is shown to another person. Apapacho is PROArtes México’s residency and studio space in the heart of Mexico City. This international program of art-based residencies has been launched to provide space and time for artists, curators, art historians, etc, to research and network in one of the most historically and culturally profound cities in the world. As an artist founded and operated space, we strive to provide an increasingly diverse group of artists an affordable international residency experience. As the name ‘Apapacho’ reflects, our interest is in developing a thoughtful and caring interaction unique to each resident’s curiosities, needs, and area of focus. The residency site is situated in Barrio Del Valle, close to many of the most emblematic neighborhoods, institutions, and historical sites in the Valley of Mexico. The programming of Apapacho consists of residents that have been curated and invited to the space, as well as fully self-funded or partially scholarshipped residencies selected from submitted applications. Unfortunately, scholarships are limited and we are not able to offer scholarships to all applicants. Applicants from the Global South will be eligible for reduced fees. Apapacho is a multipurpose residency space open to curatorial or artistic practice research welcoming emerging, mid-career, and established arts practitioners. Our team will meet, via phone or video call, with each person prior to their residency to discuss their objectives. From that meeting we will create a list of pertinent recommendations and foster meaningful connections to attempt to make the most of each resident’s time in CDMX. We welcome a broad spectrum of performing, visual, literary, multidisciplinary, and experimental artists. Description of Space: - 862 ft2 total / 80 m2 - One bedroom (one queen size bed) - Salon-Studio (one futon) - Equipped kitchen-Dining Area - Bathroom - Patio-Studio - Details The residency has a maximum capacity of two persons and one pet (pet contingent upon approval). If a resident is planning to bring a family member or partner, this must be listed in the application. Please note there is one queen bed in the bedroom and a futon in the salon/studio space. The residency space and amenities are ever-changing as we continue to adapt it to artist needs. There is indoor studio space that can be cleared for movement exploration, installation research, drawing, etc. and the patio studio can be a space where messier art processes may take place, within reason. Self-Funded Residency Fees | Non-Mexican Citizens and Citizens of the Global North: 5 Days, $4,600mx ($920mx per day) 7 – 13 Days, $850mx per day (Example: $5,950mx for 7 days, $11,050mx for 13 days) 14 – 28 Days, $680mx per day (Example: $9,520mx for 14 days, $19,040mx for 28 days) Self-Funded Residency Fees | Mexican Citizens and Citizens of the Global South: 5 Days, $3,250mx ($650mx per day) 7 – 13 Days, $550mx per day (Example: $3,850mx for 7 days, $7,150mx for 13 days) 14 – 28 Days, $500mx per day (Example: $7,000mx for 14 days, $14,000mx for 28 days) Numerous international artists secure funding to cover their residency expenses through their respective cultural ministries or other funding programs. Once admitted, we will provide artists with an invitation letter that can be utilized for funding applications. Apply Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSda1Rw9deGfC022CSn7Khx9xa-Ajk_UHM4mSzvK7NhUWz-3fg/viewform
Studio Information
80 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
5 Days
  • light sculpting
  • noisy work
  • painting
  • bed
  • desk
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • shower
  • water
  • wifi
  • public transport