bright room in private apartment
11 € per Day
Hi, I’m mails4daniel. This is my studio.
Hi, I have a bright room with balcony in my apartment (4. floor) which I don't really use. Im thinking about what the best option would be to do with it... I was thinking I might either totally rent it to an artist as atelier - or we might share the room as an atelier together - Im not yet completely clear about that... I cannot accept very noisy or dirty work since it is in a normal house - also if one would work very much during the night it would not fit - since I sleep in the room next to it. so preferably would be use during day time. no smoking in the room - you can smoke on the balcony price depends a bit on the frequency of use... Im open for negotiations... (but to name a number lets just say 350,-)
Studio Information
19 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
90 Days
  • light sculpting
  • painting
  • photo studio
  • ceramic studio
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • shower
  • water
  • wifi
  • window
  • public transport