Part-time workspace for rent long term
5 € per Day
Hi, I’m eva.leemans. This is my studio.
I'm renting out a space in my appartment in kreuzberg from september! First of all the space will be completely empty (contrary to the pictures) I will use it as a contemporary dance studio/ training space/creation space. But I would like to rent it out part-time, 15 hours per week, for 120 euros per month. I'm ideally looking for a long-term renter, but feel free to write me if you're interested in renting out the space for one month or a couple of months. I am a contemporary dancer and share this appartment with two other contemporary dancers, but you'll have complete privacy in the studio during the times you rent it. There is also a kitchen and bathroom you are welcome to use. write me if you are interested! I'm happy to hear from you with any ideas you have on how you'd like to use the space.
Studio Information
20 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
30 Days
  • light sculpting
  • painting
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • shower
  • water
  • wifi
  • window