Bushwick Painting Studios (Near Jefferson L)
10 € per Day
Hi, I’m willtrolf@gmail.com. This is my studio.
There are two adjacent 90 sqft studios available Sept through Nov in our shared, open layout warehouse studio space in Bushwick [this means you have a partitioned space of 90 sqft (your studio) with one wall remaining open to the rest of the room (approx 1200 sqft) to give you access to the shared work zone (220 sqft), natural light, and a path to the roof]. These can be joined to be a workspace for one artist (180 sqft) at $700/month or rented separately (90 sqft) for $350/month. The other 5 studios are and will be occupied by painters. Everyone is very easygoing, flexible, and the space functions cooperatively. The shared work zone is 220 sqft (18'x 12') including a 96” x 48” shared work table, large screen exposure unit (up to 48” x 36” screens), darkroom closet, rinse booth, slop sink, art storage rack, screen storage, and a shared fridge. Large windows let in tons of natural light all day, and open in 3 large sections for airflow. Roof access. Stereo for jams. 24 hour access. Very well equipped for painting/printmaking/design practice. Could also be used for sculpture, but there is no adequate ventilation/dust collection system. Studio 1 (Til) Size: 90 sqft 90” x 144” (7’6” x 12’) Back wall length 80” (column 10”) 99” to bottom of loft storage (loft storage will remain full) Left wall 108”L x 96”H Right wall 48”L x 96”H Right wall desk zone 60”L x 58”H with 2 shelves, desk top 60” x 30” Studio 2 (Paz) Size: 90 sqft 86”x 144” (7’2” x 12’) 86”L x 144”H back wall 96”L x 96”H left wall 96”L x 72”H right wall No loft— 12’ ceiling
Studio Information
120 m²
Available: 01.09.2018 to 30.11.2018
Rental Period (Min):
90 Days
  • light sculpting
  • noisy work
  • painting
  • desk
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • lavatory
  • light
  • water
  • wifi
  • window
  • lift
  • public transport